Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Administration Category
Univeristy: Auburn University
Year: 2022
Section Awarded: National

L. Wayne Greene, ASAS Fellow: Administration Category


Dr. L. Wayne Greene has been the Department Head in the Department of Animal Sciences at Auburn University for 17 years. Dr. Greene has continually provided leadership to ASAS, his professional peers and the beef cattle industry throughout his career as an educator, researcher and administrator.  Dr. Greene has been an active member in the ASAS since 1977. During his active research years (1977-2005), he extensively published timely refereed journal articles and abstracts in the Journal of Animal Science focused around his research area of beef cattle production and mineral nutrition. He presented his first abstract of research at the Southern Section ASAS meeting in 1979 and his first refereed journal article was published in JAS in 1983.  He serves on numerous Board of Directors in support of Alabama animal agriculture, is an advisor to animal related commodity groups and is a spokesperson for the Department of Animal Science and animal agriculture across the state, region and nation. He has served in every leadership role of the Plains Nutrition Council, ARPAS, and Southern Section – ASAS.  Dr. Greene served on the Board of Directors of the Professional Animal Auditors Certification Organization. He has taught approximately 9,000 undergraduates in his animal science related courses. He has chaired 15 PhD and 23 Masters graduate student committees and served on another 60 graduate student committees. Dr. Greene and his faculty in the Department of Animal Sciences at Auburn University have increased undergraduate student numbers 79% under his leadership, increased sponsored research funding exponentially during his tenure as department administrator, and the Animal Science and Forages Extension program is recognized as the strongest extension program at Auburn University. Dr. Greene’s administration, teaching, research and Extension/outreach programs have positively impacted animal agriculture and our professional organizations throughout his 44 year membership in ASAS. 

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