Award Winner Detail

Award: Gary L. Cromwell Award for Minerals Nutrition
Univeristy: University of Illinois
Year: 2018
Section Awarded: National

Hans H. Stein, Gary L. Cromwell Award for Minerals Nutrition

Sponsored by: Gary L. Cromwell Appreciation Club

Hans H Stein

Hans H. Stein is a professor of animal nutrition at the University of Illinois. He and his Graduate students have conducted extensive research in the area of mineral nutrition and they developed the concept for using Standardized Total Tract Digestibility of P in diet formulation for pigs. Research with Ca, S, Zn, Cu, and exogenous phytase was also completed. Current work is focusing on developing a new Ca evaluation system for pigs based on values for the Standardized Total Tract Digestibility of Ca.  

Dr. Stein has been recognized for his research by receiving the non-ruminant nutrition award from ASAS and the Nutritional Sciences Award from DSM. He was a member of the NRC committee that wrote the 11th edition of Nutrient Requirements of Swine and he has given invited talks about mineral nutrition in many countries around the world. He has mentored 46 graduate students, 12 postdocs, and 36 visiting scholars, and his work has been published in more than 200 peer-reviewed publications.

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