Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Industry Service Award
Univeristy: University of Kentucky
Year: 2019
Section Awarded: National

Merlin D. Lindemann, Animal Industry Service Award

Sponsored by: Zoetis

Merlin Lindemann
Dr. Merlin D. Lindemann received his PhD from the University of Minnesota. He worked at Virginia Tech for 13 years before joining the University of Kentucky in 1994, where he is actively involved in swine nutrition research and teaching. Dr. Lindemann has had a distinguished research and service career. He has worked with over 60 different companies and organizations to address issues of need with his research. The issues have addressed societal concerns (animal waste and environmental issues), producer concerns (mycotoxins, floor/feeder space needs), company interests (value of new compounds or byproducts) as well as nutritional research (omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins). His most notable work has been with Cr and he was an integral part of obtaining its clearance for use in the US. Dr. Lindemann is active in ASAS and other professional agricultural organizations and has had leadership roles in many of them. He is in demand as a speaker and has spoken in 35 countries to share his expertise. 

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