Award Winner Detail

Award: Rockefeller Prentice Award in Animal Breeding and Genetics
Univeristy: University of Georgia
Year: 2010
Section Awarded: National

J. Keith Bertrand, Rockefeller Prentice Award in Animal Breeding and Genetics

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J. Keith Bertrand is professor and head of the University of Georgia Animal and Dairy Science Department. He has an international reputation as an authority on the prediction of beef cattle genetic values using large field data sets. Eighteen beef breed associations in four countries have based their performance programs at the University of Georgia due to the innovative research conducted in the area of livestock genetic evaluation under his guidance. His research publications include 96 refereed journal articles; 24 invited proceedings papers; and 211 other industry or scientific abstracts, proceedings, and articles. He has also given 71 invited presentations at national or international meetings in nine countries on the subject of beef genetic evaluation.

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