Award Winner Detail

Award: Omega Protein Innovation Research Award
Univeristy: Dankook University
Year: 2011
Section Awarded: National

Jian Ping Wang, Omega Protein Innovation Research Award

Sponsored by Omega Protein Inc.

Jian Ping Wang is a Chinese PhD student studying animal nutrition and feed technology at Dankook University. She lives with the philosophy, “Since life is short, the better way will be to cherish every day and make full use of what you are endowed.” Since March 2008, she has published 12 papers as first author in the following journals: Journal of Animal Science (4), Poultry Science (1), Livestock Science (4), British Poultry Science (1), Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition (1), and so on. She also received several awards such as “Award of Best Excellent Presentation,” “Best Master Degree Graduate Paper,” and “1st in the Alltech Young Scientist Award.”.

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