Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Growth and Development Award
Univeristy: North Dakota State University
Year: 2013
Section Awarded: National

Larry Reynolds, Animal Growth and Development Award

Sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products, Inc.

Dr. Larry Reynolds’ research career has focused on how various maternal “stressors” (malnutrition, age, genotype, multiple fetuses, etc.) affect offspring growth and development. Along with numerous collaborators, he developed methods to evaluate the rates of cell turnover in vivo and its role in the normal and abnormal growth, development, and function not only of the reproductive organs, but also the adrenals, digestive tract, mammary gland, muscle, pancreas, and numerous other tissues. He and his colleagues were among the first to recognize the impact of developmental programming on livestock production. They are currently evaluating dietary and therapeutic tools to “rescue” compromised pregnancies, which has important practical implications for livestock production. Through his research, mentoring efforts, and service to his profession, Dr. Reynolds has had a lasting impact on the field.

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