Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Management Award
Univeristy: Iowa State University
Year: 2021
Section Awarded: National

Kenneth J. Stalder, Animal Management Award

Sponsored by: United Animal Health

Dr. Kenneth J. Stalder has established a state, national, and international reputation in the discipline of animal management, specifically sow longevity. His work has focused on management factors leading to early culling of sows and the genetic and management factors that contribute to sows having a long and productive lifetime in the breeding herd. Dr. Stalder brought sow longevity to the forefront at a time when this trait was not well documented within commercial breeding herds. Today, virtually all swine genetic companies and swine production systems recognize the value of sow longevity in commercial sow herds. Dr. Stalder has seamlessly integrated his extension, research, and teaching programs into a model used by specialists nationally. Dr. Stalder has a unique ability to develop sound applied research programs that address producer’s everyday problems. The pork producers that Dr. Stalder serves throughout the United States and globally are confirming the value of his research.

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