Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Administration Category
Univeristy: USDA-NIFA-AFRI
Year: 2020
Section Awarded: National

Mark Mirando, ASAS Fellow: Administration Category

Sponsored by: American Society of Animal Science

Mark Mirando

Dr. Mark Mirando earned a B.S. in Dairy Science from Tennessee Technological University and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut. He conducted postdoctoral studies in Animal Science at the University of Florida. Dr. Mirando was a faculty member in the Department of Animal Sciences at Washington State University (1990-2000) and received the Western Section ASAS Young Scientist Award in 1996. He was on the JAS Editorial Board, Division Editor for Animal Growth, Physiology and Reproduction, and Editor, Symposia papers. Since 2000, as National Program Leader for Animal Physiology with the USDA NIFA, Dr. Mirando led or co-led 11 different competitive grant programs and administered more than 40 peer-review panels for animal science research. Dr. Mirando is also the Inaugural AFRI Science Coordinator where he coordinates scientific and peer-review integrity for the USDA’s largest competitive grants program. In 2019, Dr. Mirando was selected as one of six NIFA National Science Liaisons.

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