Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Teaching Category
Univeristy: Kansas State University
Year: 2013
Section Awarded: National

Michael Dikeman, ASAS Fellow: Teaching Category

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Dr. Michael E. Dikeman, Professor of Animal Science and Industry at Kansas State University, has received seven K-State teaching awards; AMSA and ASAS Midwest Section teaching awards; the USDA “Excellence in Teaching Award;” and K-State’s Outstanding Organization Advisor Award. He has had more than 9,000 students in his classes over 42 years. He served 15 years as advisor to Block & Bridle and 7 years as advisor to Ag Student Council. His research has bridged basic meat science and efficient livestock production systems that consistently produced highly useable information with economic and scientific impact. A co-investigative study with Dr. John Pollack involved over 8,500 progeny of widely used sires in 14 breeds and resulted in three cattle breed associations publishing the first EPDs for tenderness. His 37 graduate students have published more than 424 journal articles, technical reports, abstracts, and conference proceedings papers.</p>

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