Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Management Award
Univeristy: Kansas State University
Year: 2010
Section Awarded: National

Mike D. Tokach, Animal Management Award

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Mike D. Tokach was born in Bismarck, North Dakota. He graduated from North Dakota State University in 1986 and obtained his MS in swine nutrition from Kansas State University in 1988. After completing his PhD at the University of Minnesota, he joined the staff at Kansas State in 1991. Applications of Tokach's ideas and concepts have had dramatic effects on feeding strategies in all phases of swine nutrition. Because of his matter-of-fact approach to swine nutrition and management, he is viewed as a valuable resource for unbiased and practical nutritional recommendations. He has coauthored 168 refereed journal articles and has generated over $6 million in grants and gifts to support his research. He and his wife, Lisa, have three children, Sage, Rogan, and Fiona.

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