Award Winner Detail

Award: Extension Award
Univeristy: Kansas State University
Year: 2012
Section Awarded: National

Mike D. Tokach, Extension Award

Sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health

Dr. Mike Tokach is an extension specialist and professor in swine nutrition at Kansas State University. Mike received his B.S. from North Dakota State University, M.S. from Kansas State University and Ph. D. from the University of Minnesota. Mike’s focus is transferring information to swine producers and conducting practical nutrition research. Mike has presented over 250 invited seminars in addition to numerous presentations to local producer groups. Mike has authored or co-authored 200 refereed journal papers, 445 abstracts, 680 extension publications, and 6 book chapters. Mike and his colleagues have generated over $8 million in grants and gifts at K-State. Mike’s and his wife, Lisa, have three children, Sage, Rogan, and Fiona.

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