Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Extension Category
Univeristy: North Carolina State University
Year: 2021
Section Awarded: National

Matthew H. Poore, ASAS Fellow: Extension Category

Sponsored by: American Society of Animal Science

Dr. Matt Poore, Professor and Departmental Extension Leader at North Carolina State University has delivered exceptional extension programs to a broad audience. His work on grazing systems, alternative feeds and management systems has substantially changed beef cattle production in the Southern United States. His programs have resulted in >$8 million in funding, 125 peer-reviewed research and extension publications and 431 popular press and technical articles. Dr. Poore is a renowned extension educator with 129 invited presentations and over 450 county programs. He has been recognized with the Merit and Distinguished Grasslander Awards from the American Forage and Grassland Council, USDA Secretary of Agriculture Honor Award, the APLU Magrath Community Engagement Award, ASAS Southern Section and National Extension Awards, and every extension award at NC State. A recognized leader at NCSU and nationally, he has served as Chair of the NC Cooperative Extension Animal Agriculture Program Team, President of the Southern Section of ASAS, and as a Director of ASAS.

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