Award Winner Detail

Award: Animal Management Award
Univeristy: Oklahoma State University
Year: 2012
Section Awarded: National

Robert P. Wettemann, Animal Management Award

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Robert P. Wettemann obtained a B.S. at the University of Connecticut, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees with Harold Hafs at Michigan State University. He and his wife, Grace, have one son, two daughters, and two grandchildren. He has been at Oklahoma State University for 35 years and currently is a Regents Professor. Wettemann's research focuses on endocrine control of reproductive processes. His research evaluates mechanisms by which nutrition controls reproductive performance of beef cattle and methods to enhance reproductive efficiency. Wettemann has been the major advisor for 40 graduate students and 4 post doctoral fellows. He has coauthored more than 580 scientific articles and abstracts.

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