Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Retiree Service Award
Univeristy: Texas Tech University
Year: 2010
Section Awarded: National

Rodney L. Preston, ASAS Retiree Service Award

Sponsored by American Society of Animal Science Foundation

Rod Preston was an active member of ASAS during his entire professional career. His research centered on nutrient utilization, growth, body composition, and anabolic agents in beef cattle. He authored 127 journal papers and book chapters and has spoken at many nutrition conferences. He is a strong advocate for science-based decisions on the use of antibiotics and anabolic agents. Preston retired in 1996. Preston is a member of the FASS Committee on Food Safety, Animal Health and Animal Drugs. He took the lead in organizing hot topic symposia at ASAS and FASS meetings. He updates the annual Feed Composition Table for Cattle and Sheep for BEEF magazine. In 2006, he published Stetson, Pipe and Boots, a biography about Dan Thornton.

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