Award Winner Detail

Award: Early Career Achievement Award
Univeristy: Iowa State University
Year: 2017
Section Awarded: National

Stephanie L. Hansen, Early Career Achievement Award

Dr. Stephanie Hansen is an Associate Professor in Beef Feedlot Nutrition at Iowa State University. She is recognized as an expert in mineral nutrition. She received early career awards from the College of Agriculture in teaching in 2014 and research in 2016, the University award for early career achievement in research in 2016, and the Midwest ASAS award for early achievement in research in 2017. With 50 peer- reviewed publications and 7.75 million in funding as Co-PI or PI she has established an original and impactful research program for beef cattle. Her research focuses on the influence of micronutrients on beef cattle performance, carcass quality and meat characteristics, improving feed efficiency of beef cattle, and assessment of novel feedstuffs. Strong collaborations and unique applications of techniques to research mineral nutrition have been critical to her success. Graduates of her program are in demand and are serving the industry. Dr. Hansen teaches courses in animal nutrition. 

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