Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Industry Category
Univeristy: Colorado State University
Year: 2010
Section Awarded: National

Temple Grandin, ASAS Fellow: Industry Category

Sponsored by American Society of Animal Science

Temple Grandin is an international expert in livestock handling and welfare. She formed Grandin Livestock Handling Systems Inc. in 1975, earned a MS from Arizona State University in 1975 and PhD from the University of Illinois in 1989, and in 1990 joined the Colorado State University faculty. Her successful consulting business works primarily with beef feedlots and meat packers to improve animal handling and welfare. She has designed a restrainer system for beef slaughter, curved chute and race systems, an objective scoring system, and AMI animal handling guidelines, and she has trained auditors employed by meat buying companies to objectively audit animal handling and stunning. Grandin is respected by all sides of animal welfare issues. She is a proponent of doing what is right and never shies away from saying it.

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