Award Winner Detail

Award: Morrison Award
Univeristy: Oklahoma State University
Year: 2022
Section Awarded: National

Robert P. Wettemann, Morrison Award

Sponsored by: F. B. Morrison Fund


Robert P. Wettemann obtained a B.S. at the University of Connecticut (1966), and a M.S. (1968) and Ph.D. (1972) at Michigan State University. He was appointed assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University in 1972, and is a Regents Professor Emeritus. His research focuses on endocrine mechanisms controlling reproduction of cattle. This research established use of body condition to evaluate nutrition of beef cows and that hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction causes anestrus. Wettemann has been the major advisor for 27 M.S. and 20 Ph.D. students. He taught reproductive physiology and animal growth, and has coauthored more than 650 scientific publications. He received the Physiology and Endocrinology Award, the Animal Management Award, the Casida Award, the Distinguished Service Award by the Southern ASAS, was President of ASAS and ARPAS, and is an ASAS Fellow. He and his wife, Grace, have a son, two daughters, and five grandchildren.

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