One Day for ASAS

You did it, ASAS members and friends! 

Thank you for making a difference and having a double impact on One Day for ASAS

Raised: $36,460

27 ASAS Foundation Initiatives - supporting animal scientists through all stages of their careers
12 other organizations - having a local to global double impact!

THANK YOU, ASAS Foundation Partners!


We have ASAS members in all 50 states, Washington D.C. and across the globe! One Day for ASAS is the time for us to come together to give back and support our members throughout all stages of their careers.

Today, we ask for your support, paying it forward to current and future animal scientists with a charitable contribution to the ASAS Foundation.

In addition, we encourage you to consider a double impact today. A contribution to the ASAS Foundation's Legacy Fund, or other ASAS fund of your choice, and another charity - is your double impact! Learn about ASAS Foundation funds and their impact here. Your double impact may be accomplished in different ways and may include, but is not limited to:

  •  A matching contribution to another preferred charity*
  • An in-kind contribution to another preferred charity
  • Volunteer hours at your local charitable organization

The ASAS Foundation is made possible through the generosity of our members, corporate partners, and friends. Every gift, of any amount, makes a difference!

With 2023 being ASAS Foundation's 25th Anniversary, we strive to have 250 ASAS members and friends participate in One Day for ASAS

As you partner with us for One Day for ASAS, we encourage you to share your impact in the comments below and through social media posts, inspiring others to join you!

*Monetary contributions to other organizations must be made directly to that organization. If you need assistance locating how to give to another organization, please contact Amy Brainard, ASAS Director of Development.


Thank you Robert and Arlene Zimbelman for launching our inaugural One Day for ASAS giving day and becoming ASAS Foundation 1908 Society members!

“We are excited to support One Day for ASAS and make a double impact! First, we will contribute $20,000 through our IRA as a qualified charitable contribution, to be split between ASAS Foundation’s Robert G. Zimbelman Appreciation Club and the Fellows Club. We want to ensure that young animal scientists continue to have animal agriculture internships in D.C. and that we can always recognize young animal scientists with the Early Career Achievement Awards. And for double impact, we will support the Dr. H.H. Stonaker Scholarship in Animal Sciences fund at Colorado State University. After graduating from Colorado State and returning from military service in Korea, I considered becoming a veterinarian rather than staying on the farm. I ran into Dr. Stonaker at the CSU campus, and he encouraged me to consider getting my Ph.D. in animal science. Knowing my interest in improving animal breeding, he suggested that I go to the University of Wisconsin and study under Dr. L. E. Casida, and this I did. We contribute to this scholarship to honor Dr. Stonaker and support graduate students studying animal reproduction. Robert Zimbelman (Retired) ASAS member since 1970 and Arlene Zimbelman


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Thank you to our generous ASAS giving partners who have made their 
One Day for ASAS
gifts that benefit our ASAS members
and others in our communities and across the globe:

ASAS Foundation Funds:
Gary Allee Appreciation Club (Nonruminant nutrition symposium at Midwest)
David H. Baker Appreciation Club (Nonruminant nutrition symposium at Midwest)
Jack Britt Appreciation Club (Animal agriculture interns in D.C.)
L.E. Casida Appreciation Club (Graduate student award in repro physiology)
Gary L. Cromwell Appreciation Club (Minerals Nutrition Award)
Cundiff, Dickerson, Gregory, Koch, Van Vleck (“CDGKV”) Appreciation Club (Graduate student travel to WCGALP)
Billy N. Day Appreciation Club (Repro physiology symposium at Midwest)
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives Fund
George Fahey Appreciation Club (Graduate student competition)
Fellows Club (Early Career Achievement Awards)
Joseph P. Fontenot Appreciation Club (Travel scholarships and Southern meeting)
Michael Galyean Appreciation Club (Invited paper for the Journal of Animal Science)
Temple Grandin Appreciation Club (Animal behavior and welfare symposium)
Gretchen Hill Appreciation Club (Student competitions at Midwest)
Innovations in Animal Breeding & Genetics Award fund
Terry Klopfenstein Appreciation Club (Beef nutrition and research lecture at Midwest)
James W. Lauderdale Appreciation Club (Animal Physiology & Endocrinology Award and support for the Triennial Reproduction Symposium)
Legacy Fund  (ASAS Foundation's highest priorities; all things ASAS)
Charles Maxwell Appreciation Club (Swine nutrition lecture at Midwest)
Wilson G. Pond Appreciation Club (International travel scholarship for graduate students)
Ronald D. Randel Appreciation Club (To enhance the physiology program at the annual meeting of the SSASAS)
Students & Young Animal Scientists Opportunities fund
James Sartin Appreciation Club (International members award)
Tim S. Stahly and Ernest R. Peo, Jr. Memorial and Tribute Fund (Graduate student award in swine nutrition at Midwest)
Swine Nutrition Heritage Fund (Travel scholarship and partial day workshop, nonruminant nutrition)
H. Allen Tucker Appreciation Club (Travel scholarships to Annual Meeting)
Robert G. Zimbelman Appreciation Club (Animal agriculture interns in D.C.)

Double Impact:
American Cancer Society
EMS of Story City/Lafayette Township First Responders
Heifer International
Hope Foundation of Kenya
Humane Society of Western Montana
National FFA
Neighbor to Neighbor
Dr. H.H. Stonaker Scholarship in Animal Sciences (at CSU)
Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance   
Tiger Pantry (
Columbia, MO)


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become an ASAS Foundation Partner Today!


Duff_Glenn_2022 copy

“Through our FFA chapter, I started raising purebred swine from a “gilt chain” program. The chapter gave me a gilt, and with the first litter, I gifted a gilt back to the program. This program was vital to my lifelong contribution to the animal industry (I have since seen the light and now focusing on beef production). Donna and I contribute to ASAS by supporting undergraduate student poster competitions and other funds. For One Day for ASAS, we will have a double impact by contributing to the ASAS Foundation’s Legacy Fund and Heifer International.” Glenn Duff, Ph.D. | Professor | Department of Animal and Range Sciences | New Mexico State University


Partner with us as we work together to ensure that the generations after us have the same experiences, share similar stories, and carry on with the smile you hold when you think of all that being an ASAS member has done for you.

There are many ways for you to be part of One Day for ASAS:

  • Visit Ways To Give to learn more.
  • Online giving:  Donate Now 
  • Mail a check: Payable to American Society of Animal Science to ASAS Foundation, PO Box 7410, Champaign, IL 61826-7410
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • IRA Qualified Charitable Distribution (eligible for Required Minimum Distributions)
  • Gifts of Securities: Online form here

 Click here to make your gift and
become an ASAS Foundation Partner Today!

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