Award Winner Detail

Award: Wettemann Graduate Scholar in Physiology Award
Univeristy: Texas A&M University
Year: 2020
Section Awarded: National

Kelsey Schubach, Wettemann Graduate Scholar in Physiology Award

Sponsored by: Robert Wettemann Appreciation Club

Kelsey Schubach_Picture

Kelsey M. Schubach received a B.Sc. in Animal Science from Oregon State University in 2014. Schubach also received a M.Sc. degree in Animal Science from Oregon State University in 2016, where her thesis focused on stress and reproductive physiology of beef heifers. In 2017, Schubach started her Ph.D. program at Texas A&M University, where she investigates the impacts of nutritional management during gestation and early-life on permanent alterations in physiological and productive responses in beef cattle. During her graduate career, Schubach has published 21 journal articles, 8 peer-reviewed proceedings, and 15 research abstracts. Schubach also played a significant role in securing extramural funding (> $500k) and contributed to several teaching and outreach efforts related to beef cattle physiology. Schubach received the WSASAS – Young Scholar Award (M.Sc. category) in 2017 and placed first in the 2018 SSASAS Graduate Competition (Ph.D. category). 

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