Award Winner Detail

Award: Wettemann Graduate Scholar in Physiology Award
Univeristy: Texas A&M University
Year: 2019
Section Awarded: National

Pedro L. P. Fontes, Wettemann Graduate Scholar in Physiology Award

Sponsored by: Robert Wettemann Appreciation Club

Fontes_Pedro_Levy_Wettemann Graduate Scholar in Physiology Award Photo
Pedro L. P. Fontes received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from São Paulo State University (UNESP -Brazil) in 2014, where he also worked as Director of Beef Production in a junior consultancy company, Conapec Jr.. He then worked as a Graduate Research Assistant and Masters Student at University of Florida, with a research focus on beef cattle reproductive physiology. Exposure to research and extension during his Masters sparked his interest on pursuing a Ph.D. Therefore, he is currently working with Dr. Lamb as a Graduate Research Assistant and Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, where his research focuses on strategies to improve reproductive efficiency in beef production systems, as well as the mechanisms controlling in utero programming of postnatal performance in cattle. During his graduate career, Pedro has published 10 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, 1 book chapter, 3 conference proceeding, 33 abstracts, and 19 extension articles. 

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