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Part I: Brand influences steak palatability ratings

In today’s society, many consumer purchasing decisions are brand-driven. Beef is no different.

Part II: Brand influences ground beef palatability ratings

When consumers are aware of ground beef brand and fat concentrations, it greatly influences how they rate their eating experience.

Lighting type affects ground beef color

Research published in the October 2016 issue of the Journal of Animal Science examines the effect of retail display lighting on ground beef color.

Methane matters

Growing concerns posed by climate change have fueled animal science research into reducing methane emissions from livestock.

New interpretive summary from July (2016) Animal Frontiers

It is important to understand how the microbiota play a role in digestion so that we can better understand how to achieve efficient weight gain in livestock.

Oral stomach tubing effectively collects ruminal dissolved hydrogen

Oral stomach tubing may be a feasible method to collect ruminal dissolved hydrogen in intact animals.

Heat stress affects pig's digestive and absorptive capacity

The metabolism of some amino acids is modified in pigs to counteract the negative effects of heat stress.

New JAS interpretive summary

Researchers have observed that differences in beef juiciness, tenderness, and flavor were dependent on dark cutting severity.

Identifying “Super Momma” Cows

Researchers have found that if a cow produces and transfers increased amounts of immunoglobulins into her colostrum she is likely to do so again and again – giving calves that receive colostrum from “super moms” the best chance for a healthy start.

Researchers discover methane traits are heritable in beef cattle

For the first time ever, researchers in Australia have discovered that methane emissions from beef cattle are a heritable trait.

No difference in meat from rabbits fed GM soybean meal

A study from researchers in Italy adds to a growing body of research that shows meat from animals fed genetically modified plant material is no different than meat from animals fed a conventional diet.

Genomic selection: A paradigm shift in animal breeding

Genomics can enhance efficiency of conservation programs

Genomics for phenotype prediction and management purposes

JAS focus: Feeding chocolate to nursery pigs

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