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Fund Purpose:

This fund has been formed to recognize the contributions of Dr. Jack H. Britt. Dr. Britt has decided the dollars will be used in conjunction with dollars from the Zimblem, Hafs, Boyd, & Glenn Clubs to support interns in Washington, DC.

Applications for 2023 are now being accepted.  Please click here for requirements and application instructions: ASAS 2023 D.C. Interns.

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Jack H. Britt established a physiological basis for reproductive problems identified by livestock producers and developed management strategies to minimize detrimental effects on productivity. He has published 590 scientific and technical articles and given seminars in 21 countries. He advised 13 MS and 17 PhD degree students and was named an outstanding teacher at North Carolina State University. He held administrative positions at Michigan State University, North Carolina State University, and The University of Tennessee. Jack has served as chair of ASAS Foundation and member of the ASAS board of directors. Jack and his wife, Frances, are parents of Heather and Stephanie, and he has had active roles in his community and church.

Past Awards:

2022 Intern
Madeleine Ring, Delaware Valley University

2018 Interns
Megan Anderson, The Pennsylvania State University
Elizabeth Frey, Michigan State University 
Stephanie McBath, Cornell University 
Danny Munch, University of Connecticut 
Miriam Snider, University of Kentucky

2017 Interns
Rachael Buzanowski, Kansas State University  Read more... 
Alyssa Condon, University of Connecticut 
KathrynAnn Fields, Texas A&M University 
Taylor Herren, California State University, Chico
Ben Rietmann, Oregon State University 
Tyler Madison Roberts, Texas A&M University 

2016 Interns
Jamee Bell, Tarleton State University 
Alexandra Cantrell, Texas A&M University 
Cordelia Hiers, Murray State University 
Morgan Jones, University of Minnesota 
Olivia Woods, Oregon State University 

2015 Interns
Pierce Bennett, Kansas State University  Read more...  Listen to Podcast below.
Tiffany Hebb, Tuskegee University 
Maci Lienemann, University of Nebraska  Read more...  Listen to Podcast below.
Ashley Weaver, The Ohio State University 

2014 Interns:
Morgan Gaither, Colorado State University - Fort Collins
Lillian Rogers, University of Vermont

2013 Interns:
Jessie Nickerson, West Virginia State University
Jordan Hieber, North Dakota State University

2012 Interns:
Chris Gambino, Washington State University
Megan Bryant, Oklahoma State University

2011 Interns:
Benjamin Williamson, University of Arkansas

2010 Intern:
Carolyn Gravatte, University of Kentucky

Intern Experiences

My Experience as an ASAS Intern in Washington, DC from ASAS on Vimeo.
Presenter: Jordan Hieber
Meeting: ASAS Web Chat
Date: October, 2014

My Experience as an ASAS Intern in Washington, DC from ASAS on Vimeo.
Presenter: Lilly Rogers
Meeting: ASAS Web Chat
Date: October, 2014

Podcast with Pierce Bennett
Public Policy Intern Pierce Bennett talks about his experiences in Washington D.C.
Date: August, 2015

Maci Lienemann Podcast
Public Policy Intern, Maci Lienemann, talks about her experiences in Washington D.C.
Date: August, 2015

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  • Samuel Whaley, Jr.

To view the Britt Club Governance Document, click here.

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