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We walked among giants" ~ R. Dean Boyd

We walked among giants,” Dean Boyd noted in reflection of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s (UNL) extraordinary nonruminant nutritionists' lineage that can be traced back to Drs. Ernie Peo, Murray Danielson, Austin Lewis, Bobby D. Moser, and so many more “giants.” UNL founded its Department of Animal Science in 1898, and now, 125 years later, the family tree of Animal Science descendants of the UNL labs is countless! Many of us can trace our academic lineage back through these lines, have partnered with UNL nonruminant nutritionists in research, or have become lifelong friends with many of them.

Drs. Dean Boyd, Joe Crenshaw, and Steve Pollmann, as industry leaders and alumni of UNL, in partnership with the American Society of Animal Science Foundation, the philanthropic branch of American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), announce the establishment of the Swine Nutrition Heritage Fund.

Proceeds from the Swine Nutrition Heritage Fund support a travel scholarship for a distinguished graduate student member of ASAS whose research is in swine nutrition to attend the annual meeting. This travel scholarship will include an award certificate and a specified monetary award to assist with travel expenses. This travel scholarship may be applied to travel toward a sectional, annual, or international ASAS-supported meeting, facilitating additional learning and networking opportunities and starting that path of meeting lifelong colleagues and friends. This is our way of encouraging and supporting our young animal scientists who are tomorrow’s industry leaders, professors, and researchers.

In addition, once fully-funded, the Swine Nutrition Heritage Fund will provide animal scientists from across the country and across the world with the opportunity to learn about emerging concepts, tools of study, and strategies for breakthrough health and nutrition advancements with an invited industry expert (s) to lead a partial-day workshop on emerging nonruminant technology. The workshop will rotate annually between the Midwest section and Annual meetings. ASAS members and non-ASAS members may register for the workshop as part of the annual meeting or as stand-alone training. The workshops will address a significant industry need or change and may range from addressing critical industry problems as they emerge to identifying probable causes and tactics toward science-based solutions for industry alignment around controversies that cause division among professional service providers.

The Swine Nutrition Heritage Fund will become fully-funded and endowed when the fund reaches $100,000. The fund will be used for the workshop programming and graduate student scholarship.

Contributions of any amount will pool together to have a direct and meaningful impact on its members and those who attend ASAS Meetings.

American Society of Animal Science Foundation Giving Partners:
Partner: Individual <$1,000 or Corporate <$2,499
Pacesetter: Individual $1,000-$2,499 or Corporate $2,500-$4,999
Trailblazer: Individual $2,500-$4,999 or Corporate $5,000-$9,999
Visionary: Individual $5,000+ or Corporate $10,000+

THANK YOU to our Giving Partners to the Swine Nutrition Heritage Fund:

Lucas Alves Rodriguez
Jonathon Bergstrom
Joel DeRouchey
Hyatt Frobose
Shengfa Liao
Emily Otto-Tice
Wisenetix / Marcio Antonio Dornelles Goncalves

David and Carol Anderson
Dwight and Judy Armstrong
Michael Brumm
Lee Chiba
Tom and Connie Crenshaw
Dale Grosbach
Arm & Hammer
Dale Hill
Gretchen Myers Hill
Donald Orr
D. Steve Pollmann
Allan Schinckel
Michael Tokach
William Weldon

United Soybean Board
R. Dean Boyd
Ellen Davis

James and Suzanne Pillen

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