ASAS Travel Scholarships

ASAS Travel Scholarships

Members of the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) are indebted to each other. Many have been students of members of ASAS or benefited from the work of members of ASAS. Thus, the ASAS Foundation supports the formation of Appreciation Clubs to honor outstanding members of ASAS. Formation of Appreciation Clubs allows those who have benefited from the work of a particular member of ASAS to make a gift for special activities in the name of the honored person.

At the present time, three ASAS Foundation Appreciation Clubs have been established to support Graduate Student, Post Doctoral Fellow or Early Career ASAS members travel scholarships.

Wilson G. Pond Appreciation Club International Travel Award 

H. Allen Tucker Graduate Student Travel Scholarship

Joseph P. Fontenot Travel Scholarship

Travel Scholarship Guidelines


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