Award Winner Detail

Award: ASAS Fellow: Extension Category
Univeristy: University of Arkansas
Year: 2015
Section Awarded: National

Tom Troxel, ASAS Fellow: Extension Category

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Tom Troxel began his career with Texas A&M University in 1983. In 1992, he accepted a position with the University of Arkansas and currently holds the title of Professor and Associate Department Head – Animal Science. Dr. Troxel’s has produced work that was critical for the BQA program and his work with factors affecting the selling price of feeder calves was repeated by many states. The 300-Day Grazing Program was founded on good science that was applied to beef cattle producers in Arkansas, the southeast, and throughout the nation. Dr. Troxel has served ASAS and the ASAS Southern Section in numerous committees and boards, as Southern Section ASAS President, and Southern Section representative on ASAS Board of Directors. He received the Southern Section Extension Award and Distinguished Service Award. Tom Troxel authored or co-authored 34 refereed journal articles, 90 abstracts, 73 experiment station reports, 70 extension publications, and 40 symposia publications.

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