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Fund Purpose:

The H. Allen Tucker Fund supports a Graduate Student Travel Scholarship and, in alternating years, the H. Allen Tucker Lactation and Endocrinology Award. Requirements for the Allen Tucker Graduate Student Travel Scholarship can be found here.

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. H. Allen Tucker was a distinguished professor at Michigan State University for 38 years. He is renowned for scholarly contributions to the endocrine control of lactation, mammogenesis, and body growth in cattle. He investigated basic biological events to create applications for livestock. In 388 scientific publications, he reported virtually all of the data that his group ever generated. In addition, peers awarded him nearly $4.5 million in competitive grants. He was recognized for research with the Cyanamid Physiology Award in 1983 and the Morrison Award in 1997. For Dr. Tucker, research was a venue in which to train students to use the scientific method and to think critically. In seminars to propose research, most students failed the Tucker "so what" test of significance only once. Peer review was encouraged to enhance quality of work. He embellished strengths and reduced weaknesses of individual students in a powerful group atmosphere. In 1987, Dr. Tucker received the L. E. Casida Award for excellence in graduate training. He served on many grant review panels and editorial boards. For the Journal of Animal Science, he served several terms on the editorial board and as section editor for physiology from 1986 to 1989. He had a passionate commitment that animal scientists must be progressive and advance knowledge. Dr. Tucker has expanded biological knowledge, he was a profound and enduring mentor, and his service to ASAS is distinguished.

Past Scholarships:

2023 Scholarship Recipient: Godstime A. Taiwo, West Virginia University

2022 Scholarship Recipients: Mia Y. Kawaida, University of Connecticut & Nicole M. Tillquist, University of Connecticut

2021 Scholarship Recipients: Juan J. Loor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign & Parniyan Goodarzi, Oklahoma State University 

2019 Scholarship Recipient: Brandon Smith, University of Connecticut

2018 Scholarship Recipient: Dominique Martin, University of Connecticut 

2015 Scholarship Recipient: Natalie Urrutia, University of Chile

2012 Scholarship Recipient: Monica VanKlompenberg, University of California, Davis

2011 Scholarship Recipient: Maria Procopio, University of Connecticut

2010 Scholarship Recipient: Katherine C.P. May, Oregon State University

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