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Fund Purpose:

This fund was formed to recognize the contribution of Dr. Joe Fontenot to the field of ruminant nutrition and to the American Society of Animal Science. Money from the club is used yearly to support graduate student travel to the ASAS Southern Section Meeting and to the ASAS-CSAS Joint Annual Meeting.

Requirements for the Joseph P. Fontenot Student Travel Scholarship

Biographical Sketch:

It is with great sadness that we share the news of Dr. Fontenot's passing in April 2018.  He is survived by his loving wife of 71 years, Eula Bertrand Fontenot, his six children and 15 grandchildren.

Dr. Fontenot was very active in ASAS, serving as President of the Southern Section 1972-1973 and President of the National ASAS 1985-1986.  His leadership role in and lifelong support of the American Society of Animal Science led his family to choose his ASAS Appreciation Club to be the recipient of donations in his memory.  We were honored to receive over $5,000 in memorial donations from colleagues, friends and family.

Further information about Dr. Fontenot's life and achievements can be found in his obituary posted in Taking Stock.

Past Scholarships:

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Elizabeth A. Dressler, Kansas State University
Dalla r. Soffa, Texas A&M University

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Ajasa A. Abiola, University of Debrecen
Mohammad Habibi, Oklahoma State University
Andrea O. Doblado, Oklahoma State University

2020 Scholarship Recipient

Audrey Earnhardt, Texas A&M University

2019 Scholarship Recipient

Clair Gleason, Virginia Tech

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Carolina Gonzalez-Berrios, Colorado  State University
Kacie McCarthy, North Dakota State University

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Erin Deters, Iowa State University
Evan Knutson, North Dakota State University
Lyndsey Tatcliffe, Bioscience Research Institute

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Rodrigo da Silva Marques, Oregon State University
Deborah Price, University of Florida

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Kimberly Branham, Oklahoma State University
Brittni Littlejohn, Texas A&M
Kate Sharon, Texas Tech University

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Bruno Ieda Cappellozza, Oregon State University 
Staci DeGeer, Auburn University
Erica Lundy, Iowa State University

2013 Scholarship Recipients

Oscar Javier Rojas Martinez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Joseph Emenheiser, Virginia Tech
Lyndi Jury, Mississippi State University
Deborah Price, Texas A&M University

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Angela Mays, University of Arkansas
Olivia Genther, Iowa State University
Andrew Foote, University of Kentucky
Blair Aldridge, Purdue University

2011 Scholarship Recipients

Andrea Loyd, Texas A&M University
Jean-Loup Rault, USDA-ARS, West Lafayette, IN

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Erin L. Richter, Iowa State University
Andrea Sexton, University of Kentucky

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