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Fund Purpose:

The Wilson G. Pond Appreciation Club was formed to recognize Dr. Pond's contribution to the field of non-ruminant nutrition and to the American Society of Animal Science. Money from the club is used to support international travel for study by students and early career professionals.

Requirements for the Wilson G. Pond Appreciation Club International Travel Award

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Wilson G. Pond was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 16, 1930 and was raised in Bloomington, Minnesota. He received a BS degree (1952) from the University of Minnesota and a MS degree (1954) and PhD degree (1957) from Oklahoma State University. He began his career in 1957 at Cornell University, where he served successively as assistant professor, associate professor, and professor in the Department of Animal Science with a joint appointment on the faculty of the Graduate School of Nutrition. In 1978, he was named nutrition research leader at the Roman L. Hruska US Meat Animal Research Center (Clay Center, Nebraska) and adjunct professor, Department of Animal Science, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. In 1990, he became a research animal scientist at the USDA Children’s Nutrition Research Center and adjunct professor, Department of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas. In 1997, he returned to Cornell University as a visiting professor, Department of Animal Science.

During his career, Dr. Pond has served on the graduate committee of many PhD and MS degree candidates and as supervisor of five postdoctoral fellows. His graduate and postdoctoral students have contributed to nutrition research focused on questions in commercial swine production and in use of the pig as an animal model for human nutrition.

Past Awards:

2023 Travel Fund Awards:

Abbigail R. Hines, Auburn University
Jessica P. Acosta Medellin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2022 Travel Fund Awards:

Cecilia Constantino Rocha, University of Florida
Felipe Alves Correa Carvalho da Silva, University of Florida
Jessica G. Syring, North Dakota State University
Ronald J. Trotta, University of Kentucky

2020 Travel Fund Awards:

Kacie McCarthy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Elizabeth Messersmith, Iowa State University

2019 Travel Fund Awards:

Matthew Crouse, North Dakota State University
Ahmed Elolimy, University of Arkansas

2018 Travel Fund Awards:

Fernanda Batistel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Alan Duttlinger, Purdue University
Maria Haag, University of Missouri
Su A Lee, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Motshabi Mokolobate, University of the Free State
Michaela Trudeau, University of Minnesota

2017 Travel Fund Awards:

Alison Ward, North Dakota State University
Ananda Fontoura, North Dakota State University
Diego M.D.L. Navarro, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Matthew Crouse, North Dakota State University

2016 Travel Fund Awards:

Deidre Harmon, University of Georgia
Faithe Keomanivong, North Dakota State University
Gloria Casas, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jill Larson, University of Missouri
Matthew Crouse, North Dakota State University

2015 Travel Fund Awards:

Emily Otto-Tice, Purdue University
Matthew Asmus, Purdue University
Neil Jaworski, University of Illinois

2014 Travel Fund Awards:

Laura Rortvedt-Amundson, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Allison Crane, North Dakota State University
Elizabeth Latham, Texas A&M University
Jena Peine, North Dakota State University
Jolie Vega, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
W. Brandon Smith, University of Arkansas

2013 Travel Fund Awards:

Erin Harris, University of Missouri
Sarah Pearce, Iowa State University
Robin White, Washington State University
Andrea Hanson, Texas A&M University
Oscar Javier Rojas Martinez, University of Illinois

2012 Travel Fund Awards:

Blair Aldridge, Purdue University
Keenan McRoberts, Cornell University
Leticia Camacho, North Dakota State University

2011 Travel Fund Awards:

Rodrigo Manjarin, Michigan State University
Erika Downey, Iowa State University
Dustin Boler, University of Illinois
Christina E. Phillips, University of Minnesota
Blaire Aldridge, Purdue University

2010 Travel Fund Awards:

Amy K. McLean, University of Wyoming
Christy Oliver, North Dakota State University
Christina E. Phillips, University of Minnesota
Christina Taylor-Edwards, US FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine

2009 Travel Fund Awards:

Ashley DeDecker, University of Illinois
Allison Meyer, North Dakota State University

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