Innovate 2015


Keynote Address: Innovations in Learning 
Barbara Oakley, PhD, Oakland University, Rochester, MI

SESSION 1: Priorities and Structures of Undergraduate Curriculums in the Animal Sciences

Academic Perspective: The Role of the Curriculum in Preparing Animal Sciences Students for Life after Graduation
Steve Zinn, PhD, University of Connecticut

Industry Perspective: Making Sure Animal Sciences Graduates Are Ready for the World of Work
Karl Dawson, PhD, Alltech, Inc.

The Future of Online and Traditional Instruction
Ron Lewis, PhD, University of Nebraska

Creation of a Well-Rounded Animal Sciences Graduate: Blending Science, Production and Communication
Amy Radunz, PhD, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Panel Discussion 1

SESSION 2: The Connection Between Teaching Quality and Student Learning (1:15 pm) – Elan Ballroom

What Makes a Quality Teacher?
Don Ely, PhD, University of Kentucky

Strategies for Improving Teaching and Learning
Jason Apple, PhD, University of Arkansas

Strengthening the Curriculum and Improving Student Outcomes through Better Teaching
Jodi Sterle, PhD, Iowa State University

Panel Discussion 2

SESSION 3: Improving Student Success Before and After Graduation

Academic Advising: Improving the Odds for Success
Ann Leed, University of Kentucky

Retention: The First Year and Beyond
Linda Martin, PhD, The Ohio State University

Do Extracurricular Activities Enhance Student Success?
Debra K. Aaron, PhD, University of Kentucky

After Graduation: What Does Success Mean?
Todd Armstrong, PhD, Elanco

Panel Discussion 3

SESSION 4: Accreditation of Animal Science Programs

Departmental Tools for Curriculum Evaluation and Assessment
Henry Zerby, PhD, The Ohio State University

The Need for Accreditation: Benefits to Administration, Faculty and Students 
Joe Sussman, PhD, ABET

Putting a Plan on the Table: Accreditation through ASAS
Margaret Benson, PhD, Washington State University

Panel Discussion 4


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