ASAS Student Competitions

2022 ASAS Student Competition Results

Academic Quadrathlon

1st Place: University of Missouri

2nd Place: Texas A&M University

3rd Place: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

4th Place: Pennsylvania State University

Undergraduate Poster

1st Place: PSII-A-11 - Suppressing the CXCL12-CXCR4 Chemokine Axis at the Fetal-maternal Interface During Implantation Results in Altered Expression of Inflammatory Cytokines in Ovine Placenta at Midgestation
Presenting Author: Jillian M. Hughes, New Mexico State University

2nd Place: PSII-A-6 - Evaluation of Maternal Plane of Nutrition and Selenium Supplementation on the Neonatal Fragment Crystallizable Receptor (FcRn) in Ewe Mammary Tissue
Presenting Author: Rachel A. Voigt, North Dakota State University

3rd Place: PSII-A-5 - Effects of Time Postpartum and Late Gestational Nutrient Restriction on Beef Heifer Colostrum
Presenting Author: Kirby J. Latimer, University of Missouri

Graduate Poster MS I

1st Place (tied): PSI-2 - Analysis of Boar Semen Microbiome and Sperm Quality Parameters
Presenting Author: Brooke E. McAnally, Texas A&M University

1st Place (tied): PSI-17 - Effects of a Supplemental Water Source and Trace-mineral Based Electrolyte Drinking Solution on Intake and Blood Cell Count of Newly Received Feedlot Calves
Presenting Author: Mackenzie M. Smithyman, New Mexico State University

3rd Place: PSI-5 - Comparison of 7&7 Synch and 7-day Co-synch + CIDR Protocols in a Fixed-time AI System on Beef Cows Using Y-sorted Sex-selected Semen
Presenting Author: Kolton W. Aubuchon, Kansas State University

Graduate Poster MS II

1st Place: PSIII-6 - Evaluation of Later Timepoints for Fixed-time Artificial Insemination of Beef Heifers When Using Sex-sorted Semen Following the 14-d CIDR®-PG Protocol
Presenting Author: Genevieve VanWye, University of Missouri

2nd Place: PSIII-8 - Evaluation of Reproductive Efficiency of Holstein Nulliparous Heifers Carrying the SLICK1 Mutation of the Prolactin Receptor (PRLR) Gene
Presenting Author: Allie T. Carmickle, University of California, Davis

3rd Place: PSIII-10 - Modified-live Virus Respiratory Vaccines and Bovine Respiratory Disease Influence the Respiratory Microbiome of Cattle
Presenting Author: Taylor McAtee, West Texas A&M University

Graduate Poster PHD I

1st Place: PSIV-A-9 - Effect of Three Different Initial Implant Programs on Beef × Dairy Steer Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics
Presenting Author: Kaitlyn R. Wesley, Texas Tech University

2nd Place: PSIV-A-2 - Beef Genetics in the Dairy Management System: Management System and Maternal Genetic Effects on Calf Growth and Body Measurements
Presenting Author: Luke K. Fuerniss, Texas Tech University

3rd Place: PSIV-A-7 - Decreasing the Frequency of Precalving Protein and Energy Supplementation Impacts Preweaning Growth of Bos Indicus-influenced Beef Offspring but Not Their Dam
Presenting Author: Vinicius de Souza Izquierdo, University of Florida

Graduate Poster PHD II

1st Place: PSV-A-7 - Quality Assessments of Sperm from Gnrh-ii Receptor Knockdown (KD) Boars
Presenting Author: Caitlin E. Ross, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2nd Place: PSV-A-8 - Reduced Daylength Pre-calving Increases Milk Production Post-calving
Presenting Author: Kayla Alward, Virginia Tech

3rd Place: PSV-A-4 - Novel Method to Identify Cattle Predisposed to Severe Cases of Bovine Respiratory Disease
Presenting Author: Victor V. Flores, New Mexico State University

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