ASAS Student Competitions

2023 ASAS Student Competition Results

Academic Quadrathlon

1st Place: University of Missouri

2nd Place: Texas A&M University

3rd Place: Pennsylvania State University

4th Place: University of Wyoming

Undergraduate Poster

1st Place: PSIV-10 - Effect of dietary inclusion of fertilized and unfertilized sericea lespedeza hay on performance and plasma metabolome of naturally infected goats.
Presenting Author: Terra Odom, Fort Valley State University

2nd Place: PSIV-13 - Influence of differing levels of concentrate on circulating cytokine concentrations in beef heifers.
Presenting Author: Erin Stockland, Texas A&M University

3rd Place: PSIV-1 - Effects of poor maternal nutrition during gestation on F0 and F1 ewe colostrum and milk composition and colostrum IgG.
Presenting Author: Julianna Bosco, University of Connecticut

Graduate Poster MS I

1st Place: PSI-19 - Neonatal lamb growth and thermoregulation after nutrient specific restriction in gestation.     
Presenting Author: Rachael M. Stucke, Colorado State University

2nd Place: PSI-10 - Prioritizing fertility-related genes in cattle through systems genomics data integration.
Presenting Author: Nicholas C. Kertz, Auburn University

3rd Place: PSI-12 - Characterization of boar reproductive tract microbiome prior to puberty attainment. 
Presenting Author: Brooke E. McAnally, Texas A&M University

Graduate Poster MS II

1st Place: PSIII-1 - Effect of cannabidiol extraction on the cell wall carbohydrate composition of hemp inflorescences.
Presenting Author: Miranda R. Agbana, University of Kentucky

2nd Place: PSIII-13 - Effects of weather, body weight, and feed intake on total and liquid water intake in beef bulls.
Presenting Author: Madison Kovarna, South Dakota State University

3rd Place: PSIII-9 - Bacterial community diversity in reproductive tissues and fetal fluids of pregnant gilts.
Presenting Author: Kyle J. Hickman-Brown, Texas A&M University

Graduate Poster PHD I

1st Place: PSV-7 - Evaluation of prenatal transportation stress on methylomics and transcriptomics in the stress axis tissues of mature Brahman cows.
Presenting Author: Audrey L. Earnhardt-San, Texas A&M University

2nd Place: PSV-1 - Colostrum quality differs by breed and photoperiod exposure in dairy cows. 
Presenting Author: Kayla J. Alward, Virginia Tech

3rd Place: PSV-5 - The effect of a prenatal immune challenge on offspring skeletal muscle characteristics in the longissimus dorsi of weaned pigs.
Presenting Author: Thomas W. Dobbins, Texas Tech University

Graduate Poster PHD II

1st Place: PSVI-1 - Elucidating the effects of the CXCL12/CXCR4 axis through hematological changes in sheep during gestation.
Presenting Author: Hannah C. Bilovesky, New Mexico State University

2nd Place: PSVI-8 - Bisphosphonate pharmacokinetics in juvenile horses.
Presenting Author: Brittany L. Paris, Texas A&M University

3rd Place: PSVI-12 - Comparison of a visual health scoring system with vaginal temperatures of newly received feedlot heifers.
Presenting Author: Mackenzie M. Smithyman, New Mexico State University

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