Rules and Regulations

General Guidelines for American Society of Animal Science Awards

Special Board of Directors Awards

Individuals who are not members of ASAS, but who have made particularly significant contributions to animal agriculture, may be recognized by the Board of Directors by presentation of the Distinguished Support of Animal Science Award or the Basic Biological Science Award at the annual meeting of the Society. These awards are not presented annually but will be given at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

External Awards

Each year the Society is invited to submit a nomination from among its members for each of several awards administered by other organizations. The ASAS External Awards Committee receives and evaluates nominations, selects a nominee to be endorsed by the Society, and forwards the selected nomination to the President for endorsement and submission to the appropriate organization on behalf of the Society.

Members can make nominations directly to the sponsors. However, the External Awards Committee will select only one nominee who will have the endorsement of ASAS. In order to simplify the selection process by the ASAS External Awards Committee, Society members are invited to make a very brief nomination statement and send it to any member of the Committee. The External Awards Committee selects the Society nominee and contacts the nominator to develop the full nomination, which then will be sent to the Chair of the External Awards Committee. 

The National Medal of Science

The awardee is selected by the President of the United States for outstanding contributions to the development of science. Nominations should be submitted by August 15 of the current year.

Saddle and Sirloin Club Portrait Award

The awardee is selected by a committee convened by the Saddle and Sirloin Club. Recognition is for outstanding contributions to animal agriculture. The awardee is recognized and the portrait is hung in the Saddle and Sirloin Portrait Gallery during the North American Livestock Exposition in the Executive Inn West and the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center, Louisville, Kentucky. All nominees must have a sponsoring group to underwrite costs of the portrait and the recognition banquet; the American Society of Animal Science does not pay the costs incurred. Nominations may be submitted to the Chair of the ASAS External Awards Committee by September 15. The Chair in turn will submit the nomination of the Committee's recommended nominee to the Chair of the Kentucky State Fair Board. ASAS will provide a letter of support for ASAS members nominated for awards/honors (excluding ASAS Awards) documenting their role in ASAS and contributions to animal agriculture. Recognition is given to the awardee at the awards program if he/she is an ASAS member.

The Alexander Von Humboldt Award

Awardee is selected for an outstanding single piece of significant agricultural research covering the immediate three-year period preceding the year in which the award is given. The nomination must be submitted by January 15 of the current year. Award is $10,000.

The Edward W. Browning Award

The nominee is selected for contributions in improving food sources. Nominations should be submitted by December 15 of the current year. Award is $5,000.

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology Charles A. Black Award

The Charles A. Black Award is to be awarded annually to a Food or Agricultural Scientist, actively engaged in research, who has made significant scientific contributions to his or her scientific field, and who is selected on the basis of significant abilities to communicate the importance of his or her work and of agricultural science to laypersons, policymakers, and media. These nominees may have demonstrated their ability to communicate either by written material, spoken material, use of television, radio, or other media.

ASAS Award Procedures

(nominations, selection committee, balloting, presentation)

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