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2021-2022 Northeast Officers



Dr. Maria L. Peterson
University of Rhode Island
mhoffman at



Dr. Sarah B. Potts
University of Maryland Extension
sbpotts at

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Dr. Joseph W. McFadden
Cornell University
jwm43 at


Northeast Section Director (2022)

Dr. Kristen E. Govoni
University of Connecticut
kristen.govoni at


Northeast Graduate Director (2022)

Ms. Bailey L. Basiel
Pennsylvania State University
blb5624 at

Martins_NEBoard copy

Northeast Graduate Director (2023)

Mr. Leoni F. Martins
Pennsylvania State University
leonimarti at


Northeast Past Presidents

2020-2021           Chad D. Dechow, Pennsylvania State University

2019-2020           Tara Felix, Pennsylvania State University

2018-2019           Kasey Moyes, University of Maryland 

2017-2018           Sarah Reed, University of Connecticut

2016-2017           Kevin Harvatine, Pennsylvania State University

2015-2016           David B. Edwards, FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine

2014-2015           Ken Griswold, Kemin

2013-2014           Lisa Holden, Pennsylvania State University
2012-2013           Matthew Wilson, West Virginia University

2011-2012           Heather Dann, William H. Miner Agriculture Research Inst.

2010-2011           Douglas Waterman, Nutreco

2009-2010           Erin Connor, USDA-ARS

2008-2009           Michael Van Amburgh, Cornell

2007-2008           Richard Erdman, University of Maryland

2006-2007           Tad Sonstegard, USDA

2005-2006           Tony Capuco, USDA

2004-2005           Richard Barczewski, Delaware State University

2003-2004           Wendie Cohick, Rutgers University

2002-2003           John Comerford, Pennsylvania State University

2001-2002           Pete Erickson, University of New Hampshire

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