Award Winner Detail

Award: Young Animal Scientist Award - Education
Univeristy: North Carolina State University
Year: 2018
Section Awarded: Southern

Daniel Poole, Young Animal Scientist Award - Education

While earning his BS in Animal and Veterinary Science at West Virginia University, Daniel’s focus changed to improving animal agriculture production systems. Daniel quickly realized he could make a greater impact in animal agriculture by educating others. Daniel earned Masters in reproductive physiology at WVU and PhD in Animal Science from the Ohio State University. Daniel joined the Animal Science Faculty at NC State University to teach a variety of reproduction and management courses. Daniel’s teaching approach focuses on providing the fundamental information in a way that directly applies to real life scenarios. Relating the material to real life situations engages the students and encourages students with diverse backgrounds to share their experiences in class discussions, thus bridging the gap in knowledge. Daniel looks forward to educating future generations of veterinarians, producers and animal scientists to meet the industries growing needs and address global food security. 

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