Southern Section Committees

*Designated Chair

2021 Award Committees

Award committees and participation on the committees is defined in the rules associated with an award. Award committees are posted after all nominations are received for the year, as the structure of the committee often changes to avoid conflict of interest.

Extension Award
TX - J. Smith*
GA - L. Stewart  
TX - J. Carroll

Emerging Scholar Award
OK - P. Beck* 
AR - B. Kutz
TX - M. Cravey
TX - P.R. Broadway
OK - S. Gunter
TN - R. Browning
TX - J. Smith

Distinguished Service Award
AL - L. W. Greene* 
AL - R. Muntiferring
TX - J. Carroll
OK - D. Lalman

Young Animal Scientist - Education
OK - R. Ramanathan*
NC - D. Poole
VT - B. Wilson

Young Animal Scientist - Research
MS - C. Lemley* 
TX - J. Carroll
OK - R. Ramanathan

2022 Program Committees

Breeding and Genetics 
VA - S. Greiner*
VA - F. Biase
OK - D. Hagen
AL - O. Ajogbor

AR - C. Ahrens*
NC - D. Harmon
VA - V. Mercadante
LA - A. Edwards

OK - R. Ramanathan*
KY - G. Rentfrow
AR - K. Vierck
GA - A. Stezleni

Pasture and Forages
KY - F. Harrelson*
GA - J. J. Tucker
OK - S. Gunter
AL - L. Dillard

TX - R. Cooke*
VA - V. Mercadante
SC - N. Long
TX - G. Perry

Ruminant Animal Production
TX - R. Walker*
FL - M. Hersom
GA - D. Henry
TX - B. Clemmons

Small Ruminant Production
AL - O. Bolden-Tiller*
OK - S. K. Linneen
NC - A. Weaver
AR - J. Burke

Graduate Student Competition
TX - J. Richeson*
TX - K. Pohler
AL - J. Sawyer
AR - B. Littlejohn

Teaching & Undergraduate Education and Undergraduate Student Competition
TN - E. K. Buttrey*
TX - W. B. Smith
NC - C. L. Pickworth
TX - S. Paudyal

2022 Other Committees

TX - T. Welsh*

Academic Quadrathlon
TX - C. Runyan*
TX - S. Paudyal
AL - W.B. Smith
KY - P. L. Harrelson
NC - C.L. Pickworth

FL - J.A. Arthington* 
MS - J.M. Parish
SC - C.F. Rosenkrans
TX - J.A. Carroll

SC - C. F. Rosenkrans, Jr.* 
TX - J.A. Carroll
OK - P. A. Beck
TX - C.L. Bratcher

GA - R.L. Stewart*

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