WSASAS Applied Animal Science Award Video Submission


Video Submission Deadline: April 17, 2024

Videos must:

  • Be 3-minutes or less
  • Contain a maximum of 3 slides
  • Be in wave or MP4 format

The Applied Animal Science Award is a unique award for WSASAS. The sole purpose of the award is to recognize research that directly benefits the livestock producer. Past award recipients demonstrated that their research could be readily applied to production systems, was new and innovative, and would increase the likelihood of profitable returns from livestock-based ventures. 

The Applied Animal Science Awards (i.e., 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places) are selected from WSASAS abstract submissions and supporting videos. The award deadline is the same as the WSASAS abstract submission deadline. The check box must be selected during abstract submission noting interest in being considered for the award. The supporting video is due April 17, 2024. 

The award committee consists of leading industry and academic animal agriculture consultants and is chaired by the WSASAS Industry Representative Officer.

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