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2024 Western Section Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award

Mark E. Branine, Zinpro Corporation

Dr Mark E. Branine, has had successful career, spanning nearly forty-years, contributing to scientific knowledge, clinical development, applied research, and technical services in support of beef cattle nutrition, health, and management practices across academic institutions, the feedlot industry, and pharmaceutical and trace mineral nutrition industries. Mark, a native of Colorado, earned his B.S. degree in Animal Science from Colorado State University, his M.S. in Animal Science from the University of Wyoming, and his doctorate in Ruminant Nutrition from New Mexico State University. Mark is an active member of the American Society of Animal Science, American Society of Dairy Science, American Nutrition Society, Plains Nutrition Council, and American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. Over his career Mark has worked closely with and mentored over 25 master’s and Ph.D. graduate students, at various partnering universities. He has been the lead author or contributing author for 39 peer-reviewed articles, 29 proceedings and symposium publications, 49 peer-reviewed abstracts, and 55 research reports and miscellaneous publications. His work has earned him the SmithKline Beecham Animal Health R and D Vice President Impact Award and King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. President’s Achievement Award. He has been recognized and received the Legends of Feedlot Nutrition Award from the Plains Nutrition Council.

Distinguished Teacher Award

Timothy DelCurto, Montana State University

Dr. Timothy DelCurto is a Professor and Nancy Cameron Chair in the Animal and Range Sciences Department at Montana State University. Over his 34+ year career in academia, Dr. DelCurto has excelled in teaching and research at Oregon State University and Montana State University. Dr. DelCurto’s background in applied beef cattle production systems, management of a Livestock Research Station (EOARC – Union Station) for 23 years, and successful applied research program targeted on alternative winter management (winter grazing and the use of low-quality forages), and ecologically sustainable rangeland beef cattle management is woven into his teaching philosophy and course content for both undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. DelCurto’s strengths in teaching and advising correspond to his passion for student success and the Western Beef Cattle Industry. A central theme of Dr. DelCurto teaching and research program is networking students with beef industry leaders and land managers.

Extension Award

Shelby L. Rosasco, University of Wyoming

Dr. Shelby L. Rosasco received her B.S. in Agricultural Education with an emphasis in Animal Science at California State University, Fresno (Fresno State; 2012), M.S. (2016) and Ph.D. (2020) in Animal Science with an emphasis in Reproductive Physiology at New Mexico State University. She is an Assistant Professor and State Beef Extension Specialist at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Rosasco’s extension programs span the industry from local to national levels and include education for youth and adult industry stakeholders. She organizes and leads extension programs such as the University of Wyoming High Altitude Bull Test and Sale, UW Extension AI Schools, and serves on state, regional and national committees that bring exceptional educational programming to the industry. She serves as co-advisor for the Wyoming Collegiate Cattle Association and has been an active member of the Western Section for over 8 years. Dr. Rosasco has a well-respected research program that includes interdisciplinary expertise aimed at solving industry relevant problems, specifically focused in heifer development and reproductive efficiency. She has worked diligently to incorporate her research and extension programs to bring applied and basic science informed information to stakeholder education programs, and pursue research questions rooted in industry identified areas of need. Dr. Rosasco is dedicated to youth, collegiate, and adult education through invited presentations and programming/curriculum that provides classroom and experiential learning opportunities.

Young Scholar Award

Sponsored by: Zinpro Corporation

Jennifer L. Hurlbert, North Dakota State University

Jennifer L. Hurlbert was raised on a diversified family farm and ranch in South Dakota where she established a passion for agriculture at an early age. She earned her B.S. in Animal Sciences at South Dakota University in 2020, followed by an M.S. in Reproductive Physiology at North Dakota State University in 2023 with Dr. Carl Dahlen. Her M.S. research focused on the impacts of vitamin/mineral supplementation in gestating beef cattle, exploring fetal programming outcomes in offspring exposed to supplementation in utero. In addition to her research program, Jennifer serves as a board member on the Western Section ASAS Executive Committee and on the NDSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. She actively participates in graduate student competitions at ASAS section meetings, sharing research through written and verbal platforms. Jennifer has secured $166,000 in grants and has authored 4 peer reviewed publications, 1 proceedings paper, 19 abstracts, and 16 extension reports to date. Notable achievements include 1st place in the WSASAS Graduate Paper Competition, 2nd place in the Midwest ASAS M.S. Oral Competition, and both the NDSU College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources Graduate Student Teaching Award and Research Award. After finishing her M.S., Jennifer began pursuing a Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology with Dr. Dahlen, continuing her exploration on the fetal programming impacts of vitamin/mineral supplementation in beef cattle in addition to evaluating the impacts of mid-gestation protein supplementation to beef heifers and the programming impacts on offspring skeletal muscle development.

Young Scientist Award

Amanda N. Bradbery, Montana State University

Dr. Amanda N. Bradbery received her B.S. in Animal and Poultry Science at Virginia Tech (2012) and subsequently pursued an M.S. (2014) and Ph.D. (2019) at Texas A&M University. After serving as a postdoctoral research associate at Texas A&M University (2019-2020), Dr. Bradbery joined the Animal and Range Sciences Department at Montana State University in August 2020 as an Assistant Professor. Since, she has developed a highly recognized research program where none previously existed, focusing on critical periods of growth and development in horses to optimize future performance potential and ensure the health and integrity of performance horses. Dr. Bradbery has maximized generous donations made by community and industry stakeholders to expand facilities and resources available for teaching and research. Dr. Bradbery’s research program has secured more than $1.18 million in funding including federal and corporate support for equine research, significant especially in recognizing the limited funding available for equid research. Additionally, Dr. Bradbery has mentored 2 M.S. students to degree completion and currently advises two Ph.D. and one M.S. student, while serving on the graduate committees of an additional 3 doctoral students and 2 M.S. students. Dr. Bradbery has published 15 refereed manuscripts with 40 peer-reviewed abstracts/conference proceedings, with 14 presented at national meetings in 2023, many that are in preparation for publication as full manuscripts.

2023 Graduate Student Paper Competition

  • 1st Place: Kathlyn Hauxwell, North Dakota State University
    399: Methionine and guanidinoacetic acid supplementation throughout the periconceptual period of gestation alters metabolite concentrations and fetal development.
  • 2nd Place: Anna Kobza, West Texas A&M University
    401: Dietary starch dilution strategies to improve feedlot cattle performance and rumen health.
  • 3rd Place: Briza Castro, New Mexico State University
    398: Subclinical lipopolysaccharide exposure during oocyte maturation disrupts early bovine embryonic development.

2023 Institutional Award

West Texas A&M University

2023 3MT Video Competition

  • 1st Place: Claire Foyil, University of Idaho
  • 2nd Place: Anna Kobza, West Texas A&M
  • 3rd Place: Camila Londono, University of Alberta

2023 Applied Animal Science Paper Award

  • 1st Place: Miranda L. Zuvich, Colorado State University
    Additional Authors: Scott E. Speidel, Colorado State University; Isaac F. Torres-Quijada, Colorado State University; Edward J. Raynor, AgNext; Pedro H. V. Carvlho, Colorado State University; Sara E. Place, AgNext/Colorado State University; Kim R. Stackhouse-Lawson, AgNext/Colorado State University; E. Mark Enns, Colorado State University

    The relationship between pulmonary arterial pressure expected progeny differences and methane emissions.

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