Young Scholar Recognition Program


Young Scholar Recognition Program

The Western Section Young Scholar Recognition (YSR) program acknowledges the research accomplishments of current and/or recent Ph.D. and M.S. students in the Western Section of ASAS.

Each recipient will receive a plaque, complementary meeting registration, waived page charges for Proceedings and a monetary award.

Scholars will provide an abstract and proceedings paper and give a 30-minute invited presentation about their graduate program.

Young Scholar Recognition Guidelines

2023 Recipients:

  • M.S.: Austin R. Brown, University of California, Davis
  • M.S.: Mackenzie Smithyman, New Mexico State University
  • Ph.D.: Rachel L. Gibbs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

2022 Recipients:

  • Ph.D.: Victor V. Flores, New Mexico State University
  • Ph.D.: Jesus Joaquin Figueroa-Zamudio, New Mexico State University
  • Ph.D.: Ryan M. Knuth, University of Wyoming

2021 Recipients:

  • M.S.: Renae Sieck, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ph.D.: Kelsey M. Harvey, Texas A&M University

2020 Recipients:

  • M.S.: Rebecca Swanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • M.S.: Robert Zieger, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ph.D.: Chad Page, University of Wyoming

2019 Recipients:

  • M.S.: Dillian Henslee, University of Idaho
  • M.S.: Robert Posont, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Ph.D.: Caitlin Cadaret, California State University, Chico

2018 Recipients: 

  • M.S.: Amelia Tanner, Colorado State University
  • Ph.D.: Hannah Cunningham, University of Wyoming

2017 Recipients: 

  • M.S.: Kelsey M. Schubach, Oregon State University
  • M.S.: Matthew Crouse, North Dakota State University
  • Ph.D.: Kendall Samuelson, New Mexico State University

2016 Recipients:

  • M.S.: Amy Abrams, University of Wyoming
  • M.S.: Stacia Prosser, New Mexico State University
  • Ph.D.: Rodrigo da Silva Marques, Oregon State University

2015 Recipients:

  • M.S.: Katelin Marchetti, New Mexico State University
  • Ph.D.: Whit Stewart, New Mexico State University

2014 Recipients: 

  • M.S.: Bryan T. Welly, University of California
  • M.S.: Hannah C. Cunningham, University of Wyoming
  • Ph.D.: Leticia E. Camacho, University of Arizona

2013 Recipients: 

  • M.S.: Kate P. Sharon, Montana State University
  • M.S.: Melanie K. Beckman, Zinpro

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