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Call for nominations for 2021 Canadian Society of Animal Science Awards - Deadline for submission was March 12, 2021.

Call for 2021 Canadian Society of Animal Science Graduate Student Travel Fellowship - Application deadline was May 30, 2021



Each year, the Canadian Society of Animal Science presents a number of awards to professional members in recognition of excellence in animal science. Award recipients are selected by the Awards and Honours Committee from nominations received from the membership. Except for the Honourary Life Membership award, only one award in each category is presented each year.
Unless otherwise stated, recipients of awards must be members of the Society. Past-recipients of the CSAS Fellowship Award are not eligible for any other CSAS award, except for Honourary Life Membership. Except for the Young Scientist Award, current sitting Executive are not eligible for awards.  All award recipients are recognized at the CSAS Banquet at the annual conference. Deadline for receipt of nominations is generally set for March 15th of each year.

All nominations must include:

  1. Completed nomination form, including one (1) letter of support.
  2. Up to one (1) additional letter of support. For nominations for the Canadian Animal Industries Award in Extension and Public Service, at least one letter of support must be from an industry organization on a local, provincial, and/or national level.
  3. A picture of the nominee (min. 300 dpi). This is not seen by the selection committee but will be used in the even the nominee is selected as the award recipient.

2021 Canadian Society of Animal Science Award Recipients

Each year, the Canadian Society of Animal Science recognizes excellence in animal science. Awards will be presented during the 2021 ASAS-CSAS-SSASAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show.


Canadian Society of Animal Science Fellowship*

Description: This award represents the highest honour bestowed by the Society to members who have made an outstanding contribution in any field of animal agriculture. Recipients of this award are not eligible for any other CSAS award, except for the Honorary Life Membership.
Form: Recipients receive a $1000 cash award and a plaque.

Excellence in Nutrition and Meat Sciences*

Description: In recognition for excellence in teaching, research, or technology transfer in the area of animal nutrition or meat science. 
Form: Recipients receive a $1000 cash award and a plaque.

Technical Innovation in Enhancing Production of Safe Affordable Food*

Description: This award recognizes excellence in technical innovation and teaching with emphasis in biotechnology, genetics, physiology, and animal behaviour. The award requires demonstration that the recipient contributed to the production of safe and affordable food of animal origin.
Form: Recipients receive a $1000 cash award and a plaque.

Canadian Industries Award in Extension and Public Service*

Description: This award recognizes outstanding service to the animal industries of Canada in technology transfer, leadership, and education in animal production. The recipient of the award may be employed in any government, academic, or industry sector of the Canadian animal industry who contributed to advancing education and technology transfer in animal agriculture in Canada must have been outstanding and sustained over time. The contributions must be distinct from those of research. 
Form: Recipients receive a $1000 cash award and a plaque.

*Refer to Nominate section for past recipient lists 

Young Scientist Award

Description: Awarded in recognition of the achievements of new members of the research community. Presented to an individual who has demonstrated excellence in research in any area of animal science and who has held their PhD for a period not greater than seven years (or eight years in special circumstances) are eligible. 
Form: Recipients receive a $1000 cash award and a plaque.

Honorary Life Membership*

Description: Presented in recognition of active members, recently retired, who have demonstrated support of the CSAS mission. Recipients should have made contributions to animal science, especially CSAS.
Eligibility: Members who have retired from employment, were members at the time of their retirement, and had been active members for a total of not less than 15 years prior to retirement. 
Form: Certificate and complimentary membership in the Society (excluding journal access).

2020 Recipients:

  • Jennifer Aalhus, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Laurie Connor, University of Manitoba
  • Brian McBride, University of Guelph
  • John McKinnon, University of Saskatchewan
  • Helene Petit, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Julie Small, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Karin Wittenberg, University of Manitoba

Refer to Nominate section and click on award name for past recipient lists


A number of awards are available to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Canadian universities in animal science-related programs.

CSAS Student Ambassadors

Our CSAS Student Ambassadors will enhance the visibility of our society to graduate students across Canada and increase the participation of our student members in society activities.   Award sponsored by the Canadian Society of Animal Science.

  • Western Canada Student Ambassador - Rachel Carey, University of Saskatchewan

CSAS Graduate Travel Fellowship

Description: Presented to graduate students and postdoctoral associates to offset the costs associated with travel to the annual conference for the purpose of presenting research.
Eligibility: Graduate students (MSc, PhD) or Postdoctoral Fellows enrolled/employed at Canadian universities in an animal science-related field who are traveling to the annual conference and are presenting original research (poster or oral presentation). 
Form: Deadline for applications is generally after the call for abstract submission for the annual conference has closed. Applications for the travel bursary must include:
  1. Proof of current CSAS membership.
  2. Letter of intent from the applicant.
  3. Proof of submission of abstract for presentation at the annual conference with applicant listed as presenting author.
  4. Proof of registration to the annual conference.

2021 Sponsored by Canadian Society of Animal Science and Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement, Inc.

2021 Recipients: 

  • Jiali Chen, University of Guelph
  • Laurence Cheng, University of Guelph
  • Seyed Milad Vahedi, Dalhousie University 
  • Mengqi Wang, Université Laval
  • Chongwu Yang, University of Manitoba
  • Changning Yu, University of Manitoba
  • Xiaoya Zhao, University of Manitoba

Graduate Student Poster Presentations

In recognition of the top three poster presentations during the Graduate Student Competition at the Annual Meeting. The award consists of a cheque.
Sponsor: Canadian Science Publishing

2021 Recipients:
Award winners of 1st $250, 2nd $150 and 3rd $100 are:

  • 1st Place: PSIII-20 - Antimicrobial Resistance Phenotype and Genotype of Generic Escherichia coli from Encapsulated Cinnamaldehyde and Citral Fed-Broiler Chicken - Presenting Author:Chongwu Yang, Department of Animal Science, University of Manitoba
  • 2nd Place: PSIII-23 - Maternal metabolizable protein level and rumen-protected methionine impacts on beef steer progeny gene expression in muscle and liver - Presenting Author: Kortney, Acton, University of Guelph
  • 3rd Place: PSIII-21 - Efficacy of deoxynivalenol detoxification by sodium metabisulfite (SMBS) containing nanofibrous mats using an in vitro intestinal epithelial cell IPEC-J2 - Presenting Author: Changning Yu, University of Manitoba

Graduate Student Oral Presentations

In recognition of the top three oral presentations during the Graduate Student Competition at the Annual Meeting. The award consists of a cheque.

2021 Recipients:
Award winners of 1st $250, 2nd $150 and 3rd $100 are:


  • 1st Place: 143 - Effect of supplementary selenium source on dairy cow performance, antioxidant status, and apparent absorption and retention - Presenting Author: Keira Cruickshank, University of Guelph
  • 2nd Place: 150 - Effect of ergot alkaloids and a mycotoxin deactivating product on in vitro rumen fermentation using the rumen simulation technique (RUSITEC) - Presenting Author: Jenna Sarich, University of Saskatchewan
  • 3rd Place: 148 - Multiple dysregulated novel pathways and genes in Aleutian mink disease revealed by selection signatures and gene network analyses using whole-genome sequence data - Presenting Author: Seyed Milad, Vahedi Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture


  • 1st Place: 155 - Low insulin sensitivity is associated with increased body fat and changes in gene expression of lipogenic enzymes in the adipose tissue of finishing pigs - Presenting Author:Hector Salgado, Universite Laval, Agriculture Agri-food Canada
  • 2nd Place: 157 - Starch and Dry Matter Digestibility Values Are Not Associated with Improved Growth and Feed Efficiency in Weanling Pigs Fed a Therapeutic Multi-antimicrobial-supplemented Diet - Presenting Author: Jiali Chen, University of Guelph
  • 3rd Place: 156 - Genome-wide DNA methylation profile of mammary gland tissues from Holstein cattle producing various milk protein yields - Presenting Author: Mengqi Wang, Universite Laval, Agriculture Agri-food Canada

CSAS Undergraduate Academic Achievement Award

Awarded in recognition of superior academic achievement to an undergraduate student during the course of their studies in animal science-related program. 

Eligibility: An undergraduate student who has demonstrated superior academic performance during their undergraduate studies and who is expected to graduate in the year of the award. A total of one undergraduate student recipient from each of the main agricultural faculties at Canadian universities (University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, University of Guelph, Université Laval, McGill University, and Dalhousie University). Nominations are received from the department in which the student is enrolled. 
Form: Certificate, $100 cash award, and one-year complimentary membership in the Society, including journal access. 

2021 Sponsor: Canadian Science Publishing

2021 Recipients:

  • Marissa Albright, Dalhousie University
  • Molly (Kyungbin) Bae, University of Manitoba
  • Emma Cross, University of Saskatchewan
  • Paige Gourlay, University of British Columbia
  • Myriam Landry, Université Laval
  • Janine Lock, McGill University
  • Cristian Mastrangelo, University of Guelph
  • Leah Trenson, University of Alberta

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