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CSAS Handbook

CSAS_Handbook_Front_CoverThe CSAS is a non-profit organization governed by an elected executive committee. The HANDBOOK contains the history, organization and activities, constitution and by-laws, roles of executive, standing and special committees, annual meeting format, affiliation with the Agricultural Institute of Canada, Canadian Journal of Animal Science, CSAS events calendar, CSAS Honours and Awards.

The Past-president assumes the responsibility of updating the Society Handbook.

CSAS Handbook - 8th edition 2008

CSAS Handbook - 7th edition 2003

Executive Reports

Executive Reports

Executive 2016-2017

  • Minutes CSAS Mid-Year Executive Tele-Meeting - February 25, 2016
  • Minutes CSAS Year-End Executive Meeting - July 19, 2016
  • Minutes CSAS Annual General Meeting - July 21, 2016

Members may submit agenda items for the AGM to the Secretary-Treasurer