Midwest Past Presidents


ASAS Midwest Section Presidents

1963 O. G. Bentley, University of Illinois
1964-65 R. H. Grummer, University of Wisconsin
1966-67 G. R. Johnson, The Ohio State University
1968 R. J. Meade, University of Minnesota
1969 J. A. Hoefer, Michigan State University
1970-71 W. E. Dinusson, North Dakota State University
1972 J. F. Lasley, University of Missouri
1973 U. S. Garrigus, University of Illinois
1974-75 V. C. Speer, Iowa State University
1976 H. S. Teague, The Ohio State University
1977 R. M. Luther, South Dakota State University
1978 B. N. Day, University of Missouri
1979-80 D. R. Zimmerman, University of Nebraska
1981 A. L. Pope, University of Wisconsin
1982 R. D. Goodrich, Univeristy of Minnesota
1983 E. R. Miller, Michigan State University
1984 W. R. Woods, Purdue University
1985 L. R. Corah, Kansas State University
1986 B. D. Moser, University of Missouri
1987 S. E. Curtis, University of Illinois
1988 R. G. Zimbelman, Upjohn; D.J. Meisinger, Indiana
1989 T. J. Klopfenstein, Univeristy of Nebraska
1990 J. R. Romans, South Dakota State University
1991 J. E. Pettigrew, Univerisity of Minnesota
1992 C. E. Sasse, Cenex/Land O’Lakes
1993 M. G. Hogberg, Michigan State University
1994 G. L. Allee, University of Missouri
1995 S. K. Webel, Purina Mills, Bloomington, IL
1996 D. L. Meeker, National Pork Producers Council, Des Moines, IA
1997 T. S. Stahly, Iowa State University
1998 R. P. Lemenager, Purdue University
1999 S. P. Ford, Iowa State University
2000 J. R. Males, Oregon State University
2001 M. L. Day, The Ohio State University
2002 R. K. Johnson, University of Nebraska
2003 C. L. Ferrell, USDA, Clay Center
2004 G. C. Shurson, University of Minnesota
2005 A. L. Grant, Purdue University
2006 D. L. Hancock, Elanco Animal Health
2007 R. L. Moser, JBS United, Inc.
2008 M. K. Nielsen, University of Nebraska
2009 M. E. Spurlock, Iowa State University
2010 T. D. Crenshaw, University of Wisconsin
2011 C. W. Ernst, Michigan State University
2012 J. Scott Radcliffe, Purdue University
2013 J. F. Patience, Iowa State University
2014 B. R. Wiegand, University of Missouri
2015 A. G. Mathew, Purdue University
2016 J. K. Apple, University of Arkansas
2017 A. Wertz-Lutz, ADM Animal Nutrition
2018 G. Hill, Michigan State University
2019 R. Coffey, University of Kentucky
2020 S. J. Moeller, The Ohio State University
2021 C. R. Krehbiel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2022 P. S. Miller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2023 R.N. Dilger, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ADSA Midwest Branch Presidents

1992 J. F. Keown, University of Nebraska
1993 J. G. Linn, University of Minnesota
1994 D. J. Schingoethe, South Dakota State University
1995 J. L. Morrill, Kansas State University
1996 M. F. Hutjens, University of Illinois
1997 M. A. Faust, Iowa State University
1998 J. K. Drackley, University of Illinois
1999 R. D. Shaver, University of Wisconsin
2000 R. J. Grant, University of Nebraska
2001 M. L. Eastridge, The Ohio State University
2002 J. D. Quigley III, APC, Inc.
2003 S. T. Franklin, University of Kentucky
2004 D. K. Combs, University of Wisconsin
2005 L. Timms, Iowa State University
2006 P. Hoffman, University of Wisconsin
2007 M. M. Schutz, Purdue University
2008 J. R. Pursley, Michigan State University
2009 C. M. Luhman, Land O'Lakes Purina Mills, LLC
2010 H. Chester-Jones, University of Minnesota
2011 D. P. Casper, Agri-King, Inc.
2012 K.F. Kalscheur, South Dakota State University
2013 L.H. Baumgard, Iowa State University
2014 M.J. Brouk, Kansas State University
2015 D.B. Carlson, Milk Products LLC
2016 T.D. Nennich, Famo Feeds
2017 P. Cardoso, University of Illinois
2018 K. Schmidt, Kansas State University
2019 J. Anderson, South Dakota State University
2020 M. Akins, University of Wisconsin

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