2023 Midwest Section Academic Quadrathlon


There were 12 teams that competed this year. The Lab Practicum and Written Exam portions took place on Sunday at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Thank you again to Dr. Tom Crenshaw and staff for hosting these events! The Quiz Bowl and Written Exam portions took place on Monday with the final quiz bowl on Monday evening at the Convention Center.  Congratulations to University of Missouri they will compete at the National AQ in Albuquerque this summer at the ASAS-CSAS-WSASAS Annual Meeting. 

The following teams competed this year:

Michigan State University

Kansas State University

Iowa State University

South Dakota State University

North Dakota State University

College of the Ozarks

University of Findlay

University of Missouri

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

University of Wisconsin-River Falls

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Overall AQ Results:

1st Place: University of Missouri
Team members:
Catriona Chew, Caleigh Crote, Aliyah Luntsford, Alexia Sweiger and Advisor- Hannah Twenter
2nd Place: College of the Ozarks
Team members:
Kaden Raley, Micah O'Malley, Ashlin Usrey, Grady Privett and Advisor- Amanda Holder. 
3rd Place: South Dakota State University
Team members:
Kyerra Carter, Derrick Goldammer, Hunter Haberman, Zachary Schoelerman and Advisor-Michael Gonda

Academic Quadrathlon Description

The Academic Quadrathlon is a local or a regional event involving undergraduate student teams from within a school or university or between students from various schools or universities. The emphasis of an Academic Quadrathlon is on participation by students rather than on competition. At the local level, teams must be organized by the students and consist of four individuals or fewer. Any student from any major may participate at the local level. To be an eligible member on a regional team one must not have previously represented their school at the regional level. They must be undergraduates in a nonprofessional degree program at the time of their local competition. The regional team must be the winning team at the local competition.

Teams participate in four events: Laboratory Practicum, Written Exam, Oral Presentation, and Quiz Bowl. In the Laboratory Practicum, the team demonstrates its ability to perform physical skills. Work at each station lasts 15 to 20 minutes and involves the entire team. The work at each station usually involves a species such as beef or swine or a disciplinary area such as nutrition or meats. The Written Exam has a time limit. The questions may involve any area related to animal production and products. Each team writes one exam, dividing the questions as they wish. In the Oral Presentation, the students are given a topic to discuss dealing with animal agriculture. This is an exercise in cooperative problem solving. In the Quiz Bowl questions may be on any topic that relates to animal agriculture and that are answerable in a short period of time. Quiz games will be organized as double elimination tournament.

Team Contact Information

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Previous Results

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